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Ocean One BLACK Diver Watch

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Product Rating

Product Review (submitted on May 15, 2021):

I once owned a Rolex Submariner. It never kept good time, not even close. I realize automatics are not as accurate as a quartz movement but the amount of time the Rolex lost in a week exceeded 2 minutes. My only option at the time was to send it back to Rolex for calibration which would take months. Consequently, I never really bonded with the watch even though I had yearned for one for years. I ended up selling it.

I always wanted to replace it with a diver style watch that was more of an homage to the Submariner. After years of looking I stumbled upon the Steinhart Ocean One. I purchased the stainless steel version which I think looks better than the ceramic bezel. I could not be happier!!

My Ocean One stays on my wrist 24/7 only taking it off to shower. (The steam from a shower will get into any diver watch. The watches are water proof, not steam proof.). It keeps far better time than my Rolex did, gaining only a few seconds daily, when fully wound.

I cannot believe such a fine watch sells for so little. Sure, it is not a Rolex but it looks great on my wrist and my ego has not suffered one bit.

Ordering a Steinhart from the U.S. was easy and very fast. I received my watch in less than seven days which was a shocker! I highly recommend Steinhart watches. I now have my eye on an Ocean One GMT in stainless steel.